Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Sorry about the lack of updates

Sorry about the lack of updates I didn't think anyone was actually reading this blog. I only posted the link in the Edmunds equinox forum to provide a copy of the seat bulletin. I did this primarily to keep a log of the problems I have had just to have written documentation. If you are reading this to determine if you should purchase a 2010 Chevrolet Equinox I will just say buyer beware. Chevrolet's customer service is horrendous. Their dealer services are ok if you find the right dealer. Mechanically my 2010 Equinox LTZ has been bulletproof electronically it is buggier than hell, and neither the techs or mechanics have no idea what to do to fix them. Chevrolet does not care about their customers pure and simple. I am currently hoping that some fixes for my car are coming down the line. I did read just today that there was an update for the memory seat issues and remote start issues with the heated seats.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

New Dealer Service much better

Yesterday I took my vehicle to Greg Chevrolet and I have to say on the service end they were MUCH better. I still have the same problems with the cell phone charger and the NAV system reboots. However the way this dealer went about explaining things to me I felt much better. Also Mr. Beckham called me today as he promised to see how things went at the new dealer. I explained that while things weren't working right I felt like the cell phone charger issue was resolved. However the NAV system reboots were still a problem. He then told me another District Specialist for customer service would be handling me now because Greg Chevrolet was not in his district. I asked him when I could expect a call from the new person and he stated within 24 hours but if I did not hear from them I could call with my case number and they would contact me.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

New Dealer Service New hope?

This morning I set up an appointment with Greg Chevrolet. The service person I talked to was very friendly. I explained the issues such a s the power-point and the NAV unit rebooting. I also asked if they would go ahead and do the transmission software update that was in the TSB issued on 10/1/09 he asked me if I was experiencing the problems that the TSB fixed. I told him that the car does downshift at what I considered inopportune times. He asked me when I wanted to bring it in and I told him Monday 10/12/09 would work for me. He said ok and put me down for theat morning. I am keeping my fingers crossed that they might find a fix Cable/Dahmer didn't. I can't help but wonder though if Mr. Beckham from GM doesn't have some ulterior motive in sending me to another dealer.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Yet another chinese fire drill

Tonight at 6:00PM Mr. Beckham called me. He apologized for calling late and told me that he had talked to Cable/Dahmer and that the service manager told him that he was indeed mistaken and the fixes that he had told Mr. Beckham that were available for my care were actually for the Traverse. I reminded Mr. Beckham that that is what I told him when he recommended that I go get the fixes. He said Cable/Dahmer told him that I shouldn't use my charger in the car while starting it but that it would work fine and was safe to use once the car was started. Once again I asked him if he knew how they arrived at that solution and then told him because that was the way I described the problem to them and to me that is NO solution. He then told me that Cable/Dahmer had been unable to reproduce the problem with my NAV unit so as far as they were concerned there was no problem with it and that they were now done fixing my vehicle. I asked Mr. Beckham so now where does that leave me? The NAV unit re-boot is intermittent but still a problem I told him it had just happened again on Friday. He then suggested we try another dealership. I told him I would make an appointment with Greg Chevrolet the next day and asked Mr. Beckham to call me back tomorrow so I could tell him what time my appointment was.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

I am getting tired of dealing with these yahoos

Today at 4:25PM Mr. Beckham from GM called. He immediately asked me why I didn't take my vehicle into Cable/Dahmer as he instructed me to do. I told him that I called Cable/Dahmer on Friday to make the appointment and to verify what he told me about the TSB before I drove the 150 mile round trip. I then said I was told that the TSB was for the transmission/engine software update and not for my radio/NAV unit or the electrical problems. I than told him that he as a customer service rep should have verified the TSB before he told me to go to the dealer. He then told me that he was merely relying on what the service manager at Cable/Dahmer had told him and that it wasn't his fault that the information was wrong. (This is the "District Specialist" for customer service) I once again told him he should have verified the information and asked him how a transmission software update would help me. I told him that my NAV unit rebooted once again on Friday and I want my vehicle fixed. He asked me to hold while he called the dealer. After about 3 or 4 minutes he got back on the line and told me the service manager was unavailable but he left a message for him to call him back. I asked him so what now? He then asked me to hold on and came back after a couple minutes. He then told me that he saw several other dealers in my area and perhaps a fresh set of eyes might find a solution. I told him that I doubt that it would and if Chevrolet had no fix for it what did he think another dealer might do. he then asked me if he could set another appointment up for 10/7/09 between 1:30PM and 3:30PM. I told him I will talk to him tomorrow then and hung up.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Nav/Radio screws up again

Well its been about a week since the radio flipped out but it did it again today. Its so random so its hard to know when to video but basically you are driving down the road and the radio does this

Followed by this screen which I could take a picture tonight of because it stays up till you clear it

Called Cable/Dahmer

Evidently I wasn't clear enough when I gave John my name and phone number and told him to have Justin call me back. So at 5:00PM I decided to call Cable/Dahmer and ask for Justin who tells me nobody had given him the message to call him. I explain to Justin that I was told I needed to bring the vehicle to then to apply the software update for my vehicle. I then asked him about the TSB for the software update and he told me he would look it up. He then told me that there was no TSB issued for the Radio/NAV system and he wasn't quite sure what Mr. Beckham was talking about. He told me there was a TSB issued for my Equinox on 10/01/09 regarding a software update for my motor and transmission but since I hadn't reported those problems I probably wouldn't need it. When I asked him if was to address the downshifting issue with the transmission he said yes. I told him I had that problem but I didn't think it was really that big of a deal and I wanted to get my electronic stuff fixed first. I told him Mr. Beckham was supposed to call me back on Tuesday next week and I would once again ask him to clarify where he got the info that there was a fix because I didnt want to drive 75 miles down and 75 miles back from the dealer only to confirm what he had just told me on the phone. I thanked Justin for his help and hung up.